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"Made in China" cars are gaining more recognition in the booming European market.


On the night of September 20, the ro-RO Ship "Anji Phoenix", carrying nearly 1,800 SAIC new energy vehicles, set off from Shanghai Haitong International Automobile Terminal and sailed through the wind and waves for Europe.
On September 27, the Model 3 from Tesla's Gigafactory in Shanghai will depart for Europe.


From Shanghai to Europe, "Made in China" cars are gaining more recognition in the booming European market.


After entering the European market for more than a year, THE sales of SAIC in Europe have "set fire to a prairie fire", starting the sales in France and other automobile industrial powers. This self-operated route launch also represents the formation of large-scale exports of SAIC in Europe.


Reporters saw at the scene, as the largest vehicle load under SAIC, "Anji Phoenix" the first trip to Europe in addition to loading passenger vehicles, but also some Chinese exports overseas construction machinery large products.


In the past, these products were shipped to Europe and had to stop at several nodes such as Singapore and the Middle East. This time, the self-operated route of SAIC adopts the direct route mode, directly arriving at the Port of Bristol in the UK and finally arriving at the port of destination zeebruch in Belgium. The whole voyage takes about a week less than before, and the cost will also be reduced.


In the first nine months of this year, SAIC sold 221,000 vehicles overseas, maintaining its position at the top of the domestic market and accounting for a third of all Chinese car companies' overseas sales.
Among them, the overseas sales volume of SAIC's own brand reached 140,000, 24.7 percent more than the same period last year.