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Why pay great attention to the steel pipe for automotive collision prevention?


Steel Pipes For Automotive Collision Prevention have always been a key topic of discussion. Whether or not the configuration of anti-collision steel beams has become an important determinant of whether or not to choose a car. But do you really know the role of anti-collision steel beams?

 Steel Pipes For Automotive Collision Prevention

The main function of the steel pipe for automotive collision prevention is to protect the main frame and support the car body during low-speed impact (below 15km/h) and reduce maintenance costs.


It has been mentioned many times in many unprofessional car programs. Japanese car manufacturers cut corners on the anti-collision steel beams, which greatly reduced safety. In fact, not only Japanese cars, many low-end models are not equipped with steel pipe for automotive collision prevention, the main reason is to save costs. Japanese cars are equipped with steel pipes for automotive collision prevention on high-end and high-end models.