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Geely's December sales came out, hitting its full-year sales target


On December 6, Geely Auto released its sales report for December 2020. Data showed that in December 2020, Geely Auto sold 154,200 units, a 19% year-on-year increase;In 2020, the annual sales volume will be 1.320,200 units, completing the set sales target of 1.32 million units, and setting the target of 1.53 million units this year.

Specifically, the sales of star products Emgrand family and Boyue family both broke 30,000 units.In December 2020, the sales volume of the Emgrand family was 31,600 units, and the cumulative sales volume exceeded 3 million units. The sales volume of the Boyue family was 30,100 units, and the cumulative sales volume exceeded 1 million units.The sales volume of new energy and electrification in December 2020 was 0.72 million units.

High-end Lynk & Co cars sold 24,900 units in December 2020 and 175,500 units in cumulative sales in 2020.Since the launch of Lynk & Co cars, the users have exceeded 420,000.In addition, Lynk & Co 07 is expected to launch in the third quarter of this year, after the launLynk & Co BBB1 automotive product matrix will be more complete.An Conghui once said that the fundamental purpose of all the planning and development strategiLynk & Cof BBB1 is to realize the mission of globalization, aLynk & Coo make BBB2 represent Chinese manufacturing and become a truly competitive and dominant automobile brand in the international market.

It is worth noting that the listing of Geely Star Rui soon also achieved good results.Data show that in December 2020, Xinrui's sales volume has broken 10,000, reaching 12,100 vehicles.Starry went on sale on November 1 last year and sold more than 7,000 units in its first month on the market.

Geston learned that Singrui's orders in December were much higher than its reported sales.Investigate its reason, and capacity is not unrelated.Typically, the first few months of a new car's launch are marked by capacity, channel and marketing constraints, leading to a period of sales growth.However, Xing Rui listed two months on the sales have broken ten thousand, such a good result has been achieved.